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For specific costs and further details of the insurance coverage, including exclusions, and reductions or limitations and the terms under which the policy may be continued in force, contact the David Holmes Agency.

Wise men and women make provisions; by grace every Christian does! 


David4grandkidsMeet David Holmes

Born in Warren County, New York in 1936, David Holmes graduated from Howard Payne University, Brownwood, Texas in 1962 and entered the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Officer Candidate.

Earlier, having dropped out of High School to enlist in the Army Security Agency, David was converted to Christ, His absolute lordship, the absolute veracity of His written Word and the obedience of faith in the Fall of 1956.  In the first year of conversion, David read the New Testament 25 times and the Old Testament 3 times.  His life was irrevocably changed. 

David's primary professional duties are two: (1) General Agent of the David Holmes Agency based in Cross Plains, Texas - doing what they said couldn't be done: recommending and selling only affordable term life insurance policies that effectively protect and provide for families. Presently licensed with over 30 companies and in 48 states, he and his staff serve predominately Christian families throughout Texas and the United States. (2) As a Registered Investment Advisor, David assists families in understanding Christian stewardship and the building of responsible, productive owned estates using dynamic mutual funds providing income, safety and growth with expected annual gains averaging 15-20%[1]. Rejoicing in Christ's effective grace and America's Christian heritage blessings of freedom to work and associate according to known traditional values of faith, prudence and character, the minimum recommended estate of $300,000 is expected to produce a monthly income of up to $6,000 plus annual growth. David is persuaded this is great good news to earnest families following Christ. (see full article under the Meet David tab)

[1] Past performance does not assure future like performance and goals cannot be guaranteed. Our best is what we promise.

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